Why Choose Easthaven

We understand your pet is an important member of the family.

At Easthaven Animal Hospital, we know that your beloved pet is an important member of your family, and we also know that each animal is special and unique. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff look after each patient as if they were our own.

Please come by and say hi anytime or give us a call if you have any questions or want to know more about the team and services at Easthaven Animal Hospital here in the Ann Arbor, Michigan and Ypsilanti, Michigan areas.

We welcome you to come by or give us a call if you have any questions or want to know more about the team and services at Easthaven Animal Hospital.

A Modernized Hospital

In addition to a fresh coat of paint, we have expanded our surgery and treatment capabilities. We are now able to perform ultrasounds and full-mouth digital dental x-rays, allowing us to gain more information and provide specialized treatment right here at Easthaven. We are constantly updating to keep the hospital warm, welcoming, and safe for our furry guests!

Continuing Education for Veterinarians and Staff

Continuing education is essential to good medicine. It allows us to practice the kind of healthcare that prevents needless suffering, costs less in the long run, and increases quality and length of life for your pet. Every year we take most of our team to the North American Veterinary Conference in Florida, the largest veterinary education conference in the world. There, we attend lectures on cutting-edge research and technology. We also assist our staff with pursuing advanced degrees and have regular continuing education and cross-training for all staff. We are tireless when it comes to lifelong learning and budget $50,000.00 each year for training!

Advanced Oral Care

Since dogs and cats use their mouths for everything, we promote good oral care. If you are interested, we can show you how to brush your pet’s teeth with baking soda out of your cupboard or schedule a dentistry here at the hospital including full-mouth x-rays, probing, charting…the works. Did you know that the tooth enamel on dogs and cats is four times thinner than human enamel? We are into this kind of thing!

What Makes A Quality Veterinary Hospital?

The hallmarks of a quality veterinary clinic are:

    Active anesthetic gas scavange system

    Dental x-rays and oral surgery

    Full monitoring on every anesthetic procedure

    Body temperature control

    Pain control for healing

    Experienced surgeons

    Lots of diagnostic and treatment capabilities

    Heated surgeries, heated beds

    Licensed veterinary technicians

    Up-to-date medical staff training

    IV fluids

And of course…you better see people cleaning the place ALL THE TIME!

Veterinarians at Easthaven

Unlike many veterinarians, the Veterinarians at Easthaven are not paid on commission. Our veterinarians are paid a fair salary like all our staff so you can enjoy consistent, improved, and trustworthy healthcare. The Veterinarians work closely together on many cases behind the scenes so that your loved one often gets multiple Veterinarians for the price of one! You would be hard-pressed to find people who care more than our thoughtful, hard-working medical team. We took our time looking for excellent Veterinarians and we are so lucky to have them here at Easthaven. Please check out their bio’s.


While we've made lots of changes and improvements over the last year, we have not raised exam or vaccine prices, and have even lowered prices on some services, like physical exams. Reduced price does not mean reduced quality - we still give our especially thorough nose to tail exams! We work hard to offer the highest quality care at a affordable prices and have taken measures to simplify and reduce costs for our clients. We no longer require a doctor's physical exam for heartworm tests- we've instituted a lower-priced technician's exam for this and other simple procedures. We have lowered prices to be comparable to internet prices on many of the medicines our clients spend the most money on, namely the big brand names like HeartGard™ and Frontline™.


We test because animals, generally, don’t speak English. Urine tests, blood tests, fecal tests, biopsies, x-rays, ultrasounds, etc., all give us “a look under the hood”, so we can discover what is going on behind the physical examinations and head off trouble when we can. Getting ahead of things saves our clients money, trouble, worry, and time. And of course it saves our patients from a lot of unnecessary misery.


We have strict protocols for cleaning and managing all areas of the hospital to prevent the transmission of disease and odor. There are rules and procedures for the floors and every surface, every piece of equipment, every single item in the hospital. We are OSHA and AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) compliant. We use appropriate materials and special HVAC equipment and filtration (air ventilation) to prevent germ transmission. We follow three simple rules:

1. Clean.

2. Clean.

3. Clean some more.

Angel Fund & Community Service

We make donations to our Angel Fund to commemorate lost pets and use this money for special cases in need. We also donate time and resources to help neuter and spay rescue dogs and cats. Many of our staff volunteer at local wild life rehabilitation organizations.

We are proud of all the progress we have made this past year. Just wait until you meet our staff, if you haven’t already. They are first-rate across the hospital – from our front desk and support staff to our technicians and veterinarians. Easthaven will always be family-oriented, friendly, and easy to work with. Please come by and say hi! We'd love to meet you, and even give you a tour if you'd like - we have an open-hospital policy. We hope you view us as your go-to hospital! We are proud of the progress we make each year.