Meet the Doctors

in Ann Arbor, MI

Dr. Therese McCarthy
Michigan State University

Therese started working at a vet clinic in middle school and by the time she graduated as a doctor she already had been working at vet clinics for 10 years. As a child she grew up training and showing horses and training dogs. She is an avid lover of all things nature; including gardening, sailing, scuba diving, honeybee keeping and pollinator habitat restoration. Terry (her husband) and Therese recently lost their beautiful cat Miela but still have Pneumo, their beloved 17 year-old cat, and "The Artful Dodger" known as Dodger, their 16 year-old terrier, as well as more than 15 honeybee hives named after family and friends. Committed to lifelong learning,Therese is a seasoned general and oral surgeon and diagnostician.

Dr. Sara Froehlick (Fray-lik)
University of Illinois

Sara graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Zoology and assisted with research on tick-borne pathogens and Lyme disease for the Fisheries and Wildlife department at MSU following graduation. She earned her DVM degree with a specialization in exotic mammal medicine and returned to her home state of Michigan with her 4 year-old mixed breed rabbit, Rosie. She has additional training and skill in diagnostic imaging; specifically in performing and interpreting abdominal ultrasounds and echocardiograms. Professional areas of interest and self-study include internal medicine, fear-free handling and pathology. In her spare time Sara enjoys gardening, reading, cooking, ice-skating and hiking.

Dr. Jillina Chase
Michigan State University

Jillian is happily married to a University of Michigan grad, Jay.(Dare we say “ Go Green!”) They live together with their goofy Cane Corsomastiff, Homer, and his two “little siblings”, Papillons Zoë and Sonny.
Jillian is a Certified Fear-Free practitioner and is leading the clinic-wide certification effort. This means she is continuously studying new ways to help reduce stress for cats and dogs in the clinic, using treats, gentle restraint, and lots of positive reinforcement. She has a professional interest in internal medicine and additional training in ultrasound imaging. She also has a special love for small mammal medicine, particularly hedgehogs. In her spare time, Jillian enjoys sewing small projects, puttering around in the garden, and playing with her dogs. 

Dr. Cyrus Wgbreit (Weg-bright)
Virginia Tech

He was born and raised in Virginia, so he is relatively new to Michigan...and snow. After graduating from Virginia Tech's vet school, Cyrus practiced as an emergency overnight veterinarian for 3 years in Ohio and 1 year in Michigan. His time working with critically ill animals greatly improved his skills as a surgeon and diagnostician. Cyrus met his wife Tara, also a veterinarian from Virginia Tech, in vet school and moved to Ann Arbor when she took a research job with the University of Michigan. With two vets in the house, Cyrus and Tara, as you might expect, have a lot of animals; 3 cats (Felix, Maya, and Perry), 1 guinea pig (Pigwen), and 2 dogs (Rubix and the just-rescued Callie).
Cyrus enjoys working on dogs and cats, but also has experience working with small mammals, including: rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and ferrets. Cyrus's special areas of focus include client education, behavior modification, cardiology, nutrition, internal medicine, dermatology and low-stress handling. Cyrus is passionate about surgery and internal medicine and enjoys the challenge of managing animals with complicated medical conditions. During his free time, Cyrus enjoys hiking, gardening, reading, board games, and various nerdy pursuits.

Dr. Katherine O'Connor

Michigan State University

A born and bred Michigander, Katherine grew up in Southeast Michigan, where she happily resides now. One of the features of veterinary medicine that she loves is the diversity of the field itself. This allows her to enjoy a wide variety of challenging cases on a daily basis. She particularly enjoys demanding surgical cases but also has a strong interest in treating exotic animals that are kept as pets. When she is not helping her patients at work, she enjoys the outdoors and the Michigan seasons on her hobby farm. Some of her favorite pastimes include horseback-riding, gardening, and beekeeping. Her indoor pets include two cats, Sydney and Rafiki. Her outdoor pets and farm animals include horses, Silkie Bantam chickens and, of course, many honeybees. Katherine’s husband, Trevor, is also a veterinarian.

Dr. Julia Filipiak
Warsaw University of Life Sciences:
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Julia grew up in the countryside near Ann arbor, and decided to study veterinary medicine abroad in Poland, where her parents also finished veterinary medicine. Returning to the United States after her studies she finished Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates Examination. She is married with 2 children, 2 horses, and 2 dogs Mikai the rescue dog from Poland, and Tala the Czechoslovakian Vlcak. Julia has completed a internship in small animal medicine with emphasis on emergency medicine and critical care and a surgery internship. Her areas of expertise include theriogenology, surgery, and emergency medicine. In her free time Julia enjoys horse riding, kayaking, swimming and spending time outdoors with her family.